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  • Inositol powder
  • Promotes liver health and function
  • Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

Inositol is an indirect source of glucose and glucuronic acid, which are essential to liver health.


Lipo 6 Gel

  • Fast-acting maximum strength defining gel

  • Instant delivery to stubborn fat areas through topisorb technology

  • Works on any fat area of your choice

  • Clinically and scientifically proven ingredients

  • Targeted effects through multiple pathways


Tired of joint pains and discomfort?

Try NutraKey Innoflex, it helps ease joint pains, promote lubrication for joint comfort and aids in tissue growth and healing! Innoflex is designed to provide a rich nutritional complex containing key structural components found in healthy joint tissue.


Keto Lean – 120 Caps


Keto Lean from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is their first dedicated Keto product.

  • Helps reduce blood sugar modulation
  • Increases Energy in Low/No Carb Diets
  • Improves Weight Loss Abilities
  • Enrich Mental Acuity
  • Improve Caroid Training Capacity

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MYOVITE® was formulated for athletes and health enthusiasts to help eliminate nutritional gaps in their diet and supplement regimen. More than just a MultiVitamin MultiMineral formula, MYOVITE® comes complete with Performance Optimizers, Joint Support, Liver Support, Cardiovascular Support, Organic Green Food Nutrients, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, and more.

Nutritional gaps can lead to plateaus, under-performance and fatigue, and increase the risk of injuries and poor health, all of which can be improved through supplementation. Add MYOVITE® to your active, healthy lifestyle and experience what a scientifically advanced vitamin can do for you.


Terminal Shock


The new and reformulated Terminal Shock offers you a pre-workout formula designed to increase your body energy and the intensity levels previous to physical effort and workouts. Terminal Shock is not the classic over caffeinated formula and “pixie dust” proprietary blends without any real value, but a powerful product formulated to lead competition in all it´s areas: focus, strength, push, energy levels and resistance. There is no need to combine 3 different products to obtain a perfect combo, here you have it all in one.


Test-A Shock


Test-A Shock is probably the most effective and natural testosterone booster available in the market nowadays.

Performing Bulbine Natalensis, a potent African root extract from Southern and South Eastern Africa that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac as well as some other beneficial properties. Due to its influences on cognition and sexuality, it is currently being investigated for its effects on testosterone. Three separate studies looking at serum testosterone levels note significant increases in circulating testosterone, and one study noted a decrease in estrogen levels as well. LH has been shown to be increased with Bulbine Natalensis, and appears to be more drastic over time rather than an acute effect

Loaded with other ingredients, like Tribulus terrestris, Epidemium Extract, Rhodiola Rosea and Fenugreek extract among many others, Test-A Shock is by far, the most natural and at the same time, safest choice for those that want to rise up naturally their testosterone levels.


Ultimate Collagen Peptides contains a Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Blend which are necessary for healthy collagen formation.

  • Hydrolyzed Type I & III Collagen Peptides
  • Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen
  • Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Collagen-Aid Blend.
  • 10g of Collagen Peptides Per Serving
  • Regular use will give best results
  • Benefits of Collagen May Include:
    • Helps to Promote Glowing, Vibrant Skin
    • Strengthen and Repair Hair and Nails
    • Supports Weight Management
    • Reduce Inflammation and Limits Joint Pain
    • Repair of Leaky Gut
    • Supports Bone Formation, Growth and Repair
    • Improves Liver Function

Comes in delicious Frozen Strawberry Margarita flavor or Unflavored!


Extra Strength Ideal CBD created using industrial hemp from American farms. Not only is it sourced close to home, it includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other micronutrients.

  • 25 mg CBD per serving
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Made from U.S. Grown Hemp
  • Full Spectrum
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Third Party Lab Tested for purity and potency
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Natural Mint Flavor

Directions for use: Place 20 drops (approximately ¾ full dropper) under the tongue as needed.


N.O. Pump Extreme


Nitric Oxide Booster

  • Extreme Pumps
  • Insance Vascularity
  • Energy & Endurance
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Altered Beast – 90 Caps


Extreme Mass Builder

SARM Stack – YK11, S23, MK677, and Arimistane all in one!

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per Container: 90 Capsules

Amount per Serving:

  • Arimistane – 25mg
  • MK677 – 10mg
  • S23 – 10mg
  • YK11 – 2mg