Healthy Snacks Kids Love

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Since yesterday we talked about snacking and eating clean and more so passing it on to our little one. I decided to extend a little bit on yesterday’s message, and I had the girls go on their own to pick their two or three favorite snacks here at Fitness Depot Miami. They trampled on each other and ran because for the most part they wanted to pick the same thing. I told them, It’s okay.

I want them to share with you what their favorite snacks are, and it’s just a way of showing you that truthfully, the kids really do like a lot of the snack options. They’re so much cleaner; when I say cleaner again, as you can see, it’s not about losing weight. They’re perfectly healthy. Thank God! It’s more about just making better choices every day.

Quest Chips

If we’re gonna eat chips, then we can eat what chips Chloe? Protein Spicy Chips guys. They are amazing. If you love spicy, I really recommend these from Quest Chili Lime. Okay, so on a scale of 1 to 10 Chloe, how much do you like these chips? The truth… 9.5 Okay, what about the Doritos? They taste a little bit like feet so like a 4 and a half. So you like these more? A lot more and it’s just not only like a chip, the texture is nice. It has these little bumps that make it flaky and crunchy, but at the same time, you feel the spice. It’s amazing!

You see, I’m not kidding when I tell you that when they come in here, they all go straight to the quest section and grab one and another one. I’m like, “guys those things aren’t like those 50 cent little chips from the check out aisle in Publix.” But they do love them, right? I take some home all of the time, and they love them.

Protein Wafers

Kayla, what did you run for? I ran for the coffee wafers. I love them a lot, and I take them as snacks for school. So you take them to school for snack. How much better to eat something like this, 20 grams of protein. Literally, if she ate nothing else for lunch, this would be like eating four ounces of chicken. Guys, there is vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. Their favorite is coffee, which is mocha. It’s known more as mocha; it’s more like chocolate. So there are two pieces in here. And what happens when you take it to school? They eat it. Their friends love them. So it is a fantastic option.

G Butter

What else did you grab, Chloe? Well, I got this very yummy G Butter. What did you get Kayla? Same thing as her. So what you can do to make this a brownie, I love the brownie flavor, you put some on a plate, and you melt it for like 30 seconds, and it turns into a brownie. How do you eat it, Kayla? I just eat it straight out of the jar.

The benefit of this is not only that it’s delicious, but it’s also not filled with sugars which are bad for them. Above all, it is cashew spread. It’s cashew nuts, which is much better than peanut butter. Unfortunately, peanut butter is actually not well digested by our digestive system. It’s actually not a good quality fat; it’s incredible how often we consume peanut butter thinking that it is good fat, it’s better to do and almond butter or cashew spread. Now thanks to G butter, we have cashew spreads and walnut spreads. And they are what girls? Amazing! Delicious!

Total Omega

All right, our last snack that you picked. What did you pick up Kayla? What’s funny is that she picked this because she likes drinking it. She doesn’t even know what it is. She doesn’t even know what she’s drinking. I give it to her in a spoon in the mornings. She loves it. Do you know what she’s drinking guys? Total Omega Clean Fats. First, it’s by Barleans, which is top-notch.

Not all Omega fats are equal. They did a demonstration for us a couple of weeks ago with an Omega capsule from a brand that you got a drug store. They got a foam cup, opened up the Omega capsule, they leaked it onto the cup, and the omega oil ate up the foam cup. It literally disintegrated. It was so scary. I mean, they give my mother those pills for free because of her Medicaid and Medicare and all that. And I can’t tell you that for years I’ve told my mom. Throw them away. Don’t take them, Leave them. Do not consume that. I would rather not drink it. I’d rather not even consume Omegas. It’s so scary. To think that a lot of people not only give that to the elderly but also to their children. They think that they’re helping them.

Omega is something that you need to look for quality, or you’re not even drinking omegas. God knows what you’re swallowing. This is Total Omega by Barleans. Barleans is a great top-notch company. What’s even better is that they’re flavored, so the kids like them. They think they’re drinking candy. Omega fats are not only great for the immune system, but they’re also very important for mental focus and cognition, which is why I give it to them in the morning before they go to school. Another benefit is if you have a child who has ADD or ADHD, they will highly recommend omega fats for that as well, so highly recommended. And, as you can see, kids going to drink it. I told parents all the time they don’t believe me until you take it home and they’re like, Oh, my gosh, it’s true. They loved it. It’s delicious!

If you’re on a diet, another benefit too is if you’re craving something sweet because you’re dieting, I have been recommending for years that after you finish eating, you’re not hungry you just want something sweet. You could take a tablespoon or two. There are a bunch of flavors, and it kind of just takes away that anxiety.

Cookie Bites

Lastly, we have one more snack that Chloe likes, and you like to. I don’t know why you didn’t grab one also. I like the snickerdoodle. They all like different flavors. Well, my sister likes the snickerdoodle, and I like the chocolate chip. Instead of having a bad quality cookie or whenever, you have a healthy one, that taste better than a chocolate chip.

These are the Protein Bites. There are three cookies in these little packs, so you can literally eat three cookies as a mid-meal, which is what we talked about yesterday. The other option is you can split it up. Sometimes they open up the pack, and they each eat one just like a little snack. You finish eating, and you eat one cookie. You don’t have to, necessarily eat the whole pack. She tells me that it’s going to be a lot of protein and I love them so much. They’re so good.

All right guys, thank you for joining us! Remember, if we don’t have it, you don’t need it. That’s right at Fitness Depot, if we don’t carry it, you don’t need it.

I hope this has been insightful for you to share it with your kids. Maybe it’ll open up their thought process or their want to try. Like I said yesterday, try the new snacks. They’ve evolved so much; they’re super yummy. They agree. Yes!

Have a beautiful day. Have a happy day and above all, have a healthy day!