Eating Healthy

Hi! Welcome back.

So I’m having my snack of the morning, and I decided, let me share my snack with you. My new findings that I absolutely love.

I help so many people on a daily basis with their struggle of “I don’t have time to eat.”. Countless people unfortunately only eat once or twice a day. I can’t tell you how unhealthy that is. Most people only eat once or twice a day because they don’t have time. Unfortunately, a lot more people don’t eat once or twice a day because they’re scared to gain weight. They feel that eating, they’ve created this connection, makes you fat and that is so untrue.

Making healthy choices

I’m here to try to help you, give you some suggestions on what you can eat, what you can snack on, that is absolutely delicious and more importantly, that it’ll help you eat when you are in a hurry.

We go to work, and we go unprepared, or we leave on the street. We have tons of errands to do throughout the day. If we leave unprepared, chances are we’re going to skip a meal because we don’t want to make a bad choice. You might not even have time to make a bad choice. Chances are that you do make a bad choice, and you end up stopping somewhere. You just endup eating whatever the co-worker brought or picking something out of the vending machine. You’re thinking “Oh my gosh, I don’t even want to eat this. If I had a choice, I would; this is just my only option”.

I’m here to tell you that there are super clean, delicious snacks now available. If you tried protein bars in the past and you thought “Oh, my God, they’re disgusting” or protein shakes. I promise you that the industry has grown so much, it has evolved so much. There are delicious protein chips, which I’ve shared with you, my faves, the Chili Lime, and there are other flavors. But those are my personal faves, and my kids love them.

Our health is important

Adults, this just isn’t about us. It’s so much bigger than just us because, of course, you know that our children learn from what they see not from what we tell them. Unfortunately we’re creating eating habits for them that they will as adults have to struggle with or recreate themselves. We still have an opportunity to not only change our own lives but make an impact on them.

We can control what they have readily available in the pantry when they’re hungry, which also benefits us because now we don’t have the chance to eat all that bad stuff anyways. When I say bad stuff, I’m not just saying “oh because it’s full of sugar”, or because it’s full of fat. I’m not even saying “oh because it makes you fat”. It’s so much bigger than that, it’s about our health. The quality of nutrition that we put into our bodies determines the quality of energy throughout the day.

A lot of people ask me, “Oh, my gosh, Kathy, how do you do it? You have five kids, run a business; you don’t stop. You’re always here. You’re always there, right?” I’m always trying to come up with a new, fun thing to do with the kids, which I totally love and enjoy, and a big part of our energy.

The main part of our energy comes from the source of our nutrition. So many people come here, and they asked me for an energy drink or pre-workout, or fat burner for a stimulant. The first thing I stop and ask them is, “How is your eating?” because if I give you an energy product, all I will do is put a Band-Aid on the issue. That will not help. That will not fix. I much rather talk to you, backtrack and ask you what you’re eating is like and I’m sure I can help you, not only with your energy today but for life.

Craze Clean

I want to share with you one of my new raving loves, which is Craze Clean cookies.

I’ve known Francesca, the owner of Crave Clean since before she even had bakeries. She would sell these delicious protein cupcakes and protein brownies that we would carry here in the store sold individually. I’m so glad she finally got something packaged that not only could be sold in gas stations and stores, but she could also ship.

She is one of the most integral people I know in this industry as far as quality for her products. She has a passion for making products that are healthy and clean for the body. I highly respected her for that.

I’m so happy that her cookies are so delicious that I can actually get behind them, highly recommend them because they are super yummy. Each cookie has 11 grams of protein, and what that means for you is, when there are 11 grams of protein or 15 or 20. Not too much, right? because it’s an in-between meal, but just enough to fill you up.

If you get a regular cookie that’s sugar-free but has no protein or has one or two grams protein, which to me means no protein. Then you eat the cookie, and you’re ready for another one. You can eat a cookie and another cookie and another cookie. Here’s where we come with issues of snacking and munching and gaining weight. When something has 10 15 20 grams of protein, I promise you that once you are finished eating it, you’re good, you’re not stuffed, but you’re good for just about two hours. And guess what? Two hours, two and a half hours? It’s time for lunch, so it works out perfectly.

If you have had a bad experience in the past with snacks, I highly encourage you to give Crave Clean cookies, the new chips and new brownies a try.

Healthy Choices are Available

There really are so many new snacking, delicious options for you and your family now available in the market. Of course, you can also visit us if you’re near Fitness Depot Miami.

I wish you all a beautiful day, a happy day, and above all healthy day.