Collagen Peptides

Hi FD fam – Happy Sunday!
Well, after an amazing time for July 4th weekend at the beach, we had great family time. I realized that both my skin, as you can see I’m a little crispy, and my hair have gotten a lot of sun. And of course, that’s not the best. Right? And so today I woke up, and I put a hair mask on, and I did a whole facial treatment.Feeling lovely. Which we should do all the time not just when we get a lot of sun. And so I got here to my happy place. And I realized that although I had done all these things on the outside, which are amazing, the reality is that so much comes from the inside. We have to take care of ourselves from the inside, right? Nurture our bodies from the inside. So our body can heal what the sun has done to our skin to our hair in general. And so I pulled out my favor just because I love how it tastes. To be honest, I started drinking; it just because I love the flavor. Who wouldn’t love something that says Margarita on it? They got me at Margarita, and so the first time I opened it up; honestly, I just was so tired of looking plain water. And I said I need some flavor in my life. I deal with a T.A.G. Glutamine fruit punch all the time, too, which is delicious. And so I’ve tried to start doing it with things that are beneficial to me because they used to do with crystal light, which is super yummy. But at the end of the day, I’m putting in all these artificial sweeteners, and there’s absolutely no benefit to it other than it helps you drink a little bit more water throughout the day, right? Because I’m not great with that. Like I should be. Of course, energy drinks. I absolutely love their taste, but not the ideal, either. And so when I came across this flavored Margarita, I love it so much so delicious that I was so excited that I would be benefiting my body and drinking more water and also nourishing my skin from the inside, nourishing my hair from the inside. 10 plus grams of collagen peptides and I say collagen peptides because not all collagen is equal. It’s important that you understand the quality of the collagen that you’re going to consume because there are so many products out there To be honest with you, that the collagen or whatever product it is, is not the best quality and sometimes honestly you are better off not even taking it. You’re better off not even drinking it because you’re not truly getting the benefit that is on paper, right that shows you.

Ultimate Collagen Peptides

This one here has 10 grams per scoop, and I always put little more than a scoop, just a little extra yummy with water. And that is just enough actually to stimulate hair growth because it benefits the hair follicles. So the collagen benefits hair follicle, therefore, actually helping hair growth. It actually helped with your skin. It helps with their nails. But what people don’t know, many people don’t know that collagen is actually great for your joints. Collagen is extremely beneficial to lubricate the joints, which will relieve a lot of inflammation, relieve a lot of pain, and overall just help protect. So for those of you who don’t have bad joints, the collagen will help you prevent it not throughout regular wear and tear but more importantly if you’re working out. Of course, using your joints more than they were meant to be used.

It’s important to care for your body from the inside out as well. And I’m speaking to myself because I kind of realized that as I got here today. I was like, Man, I’ve done so much on the outside. But what am I doing on the inside? And so I highly recommend you to try this margarita flavor. It is so yummy. You drink it just because you like it. You look forward to yummy water. It’ll help you drink more liquid throughout the day. And then the benefits of the actual products are fantastic. It’s important to have good quality collagen. I also love to drink the liquid collagen from aminosculpt in the evening. I feel that it relaxes me and helps me with REM sleep, so I love drinking two tablespoons at night. So sometimes I get it twice a day. When I forget, I only get it once, whether it’s at night or throughout the day. But I do try to do both.

I also love to drink the liquid collagen from aminosculpt in the evening. I feel that it relaxes me and helps me with REM sleep, so I love drinking two tablespoons at night. So sometimes I get it twice a day. When I forget, I only get it once, whether it’s at night or throughout the day. But I do try to do both.

Common Misconception

I can tell you that collagen in a capsule form is not very beneficial as a lot of people do that. And unfortunately for you to consume enough collagen and this applies to so many supplements on the market, people don’t know, for you to consume enough of a product, if you have to drink five grams or 10 grams a day, your average capsule size if its large is a gram. Anything bigger than that, you pretty much can’t swallow it.

If you need 10 grams of collagen peptides, first of all, you have to make sure you have a very good quality products liquid capsule because if it’s a tablet, they just killed the product in the heat to create the capsule, but if it is a liquid gel, you have 1000 milligrams that means you have to drink 10 to get 10 grams some people don’t realize that and buy gel caps or capsules of supplements, and they drink two a day, maybe three, maybe four. But if the product calls for 10 grams a day, 15 grams a day, to truly get the benefit of the product. Then you need to know if you’re drinking the right amount of capsules.

When you get to 10, 15, 20 capsules a day of a supplement, you’re so much better consuming it in either liquid or powder. If it’s yummy, that’s an easy no brainer. Sometimes, InnoFlex, which is amazing. I mean, it’s a miracle product for joints. Sometimes it won’t taste great. But I promise you that it’s so much more worth it than drinking, you know, 17 capsules, which is what InnoFlex is 17 grams. 17 capsules glucosamine chondroitin I mean throughout time all that capsule all that gelatin is healthy, not beneficial. So liquid and powder is usually your best way to go for nutrition in its raw form.

So I hope you enjoyed my little tip today with my favorite new collagen margarita flavor that I absolutely love. And I wish you a very happy, happy and healthy Sunday.