Raze Drink

Good Morning, FD Fam
I got a visit today from the NutraKey representative, Austin, who is a super cool guy. He came by today to bring me something yummy. I love these lovely taste testers when I get to try something for the first time, especially when it’s not out yet.

He told me, “Let me know how you like it.” so I promised him a video, and of course, that always happens the day you don’t do your hair or your makeup, all that fun stuff, so don’t judge.

New Raze Flavor

Here is the new flavor off Raze. I don’t know if you guys have tried the Raze, but I highly encourage you to. I don’t want to compare it to other names out there, but it’s become my personal favorite, especially the strawberry. It’s absolutely delicious. I love it.

He just brought me the new Apollo. I’m always scared when I try things on camera because I can’t fake stuff, so if I don’t like it, it’s totally going to come out, but hopefully, I do.

I do love Raze, some flavors a little more than others. The new flavor is called Apollo, and he told me it’s similar to like a rocket pop. It’ll be out July 4th celebrating, of course, the red, white and blue. I don’t know if we’re gonna have it in stock at the store July 4th or maybe by July 5th. As it gets closer, you know, we always post when we get something new, hopefully, on July 4th we already have it in stock, July 5th at the latest.

Apollo Raze

Let’s see how it tastes, this isn’t the label, of course, it’s the special sampler. Oh yeah, it’s a lot like a blue rasp flavor. Super Yummy! It has 300 mg of caffeine, so it’s a little higher on the caffeine side than what you’re used to with some energy drinks, which have 200 to 250. I’m terrible about drinking the whole thing. I sip it, it takes me like five hours to drink it, so it’s like a smooth energy for me, but I know everyone ends up chugging it. It’s absolutely delicious. I’m so hooked on these drinks, not so much because of the energy it gives, but they actually taste really good, and they’re sugar-free. It’s a yummy drink that holds me when I get a little hungry between meals. I just pop one open and start sipping; it holds me over.

The new Apollo flavor Raze by Repp Sports will be out on July 4th, and we’ll be keeping you posted, as we always do through our story, through our feeds as to when we have it in stock.

Have a wonderful day. Have a healthy day.