Are pre-workouts addicting?

The Pre-Workout

Hey guys wanted to answer a question often asked about supplements in general but in this case, let’s just talk about a pre-workout. Are pre workouts addicting and I mean you can look at that in different ways? One is of course you know is it you know physically addicting as far as the chemicals. You know would you have some type of withdrawal or something like that. So the answer to that is no there’s nothing in there that you’re gonna get addicted to physically like that. But you know could you get addicted to having a great workout.

Could you get addicted to having a great pump? Could you get addicted to having fuller muscles? Being stronger and pushing further than last week making gains? I say yes that could be very addicting. Of course making better gains, looking better, pushing more, and feeling pumped all that is addicting. I believe in a good way you know one of the things about working out at least in my eyes or in you know in my opinion is at least I like to see you know a constant you know the progress. Whether it be with weight, or whether it be you know gains.

Gains you know pushing more weight, an extra grab, all those things. That progress that positive you know loop feedback to keep you going I think makes a big difference in the long term as far as you know staying on track and just staying up with your workouts. If you go work out and you’re tired you don’t have the energy. You don’t get a nice pump. You just feel like you’re just going through the motions.

How to avoid obstacles

That, of course, I could see where that you know would get old. You see no progress and you wind up quitting which is generally probably one of the biggest obstacles to being successful. Or you successfully the jamb or physically is just keep pushing forward because at least if you keep moving forward at some point you’re gonna improve and the┬áchallenge is seen every year. Come new year everybody gets on the bandwagon and by March everybody has quit so going.

Back to the original question are pre-workouts addicting? Well, good pre-workouts are addicting because who doesn’t want to kill it in the gym? So find yourself a good pre-workout and get addicted to it and get addicted to the results and get addicted to progress and getting addicted to just killing it every time. You get an edge in.